Scrubs Season 8 ABC Promo!

30 11 2008

Scrubs has a new home on ABC! 

Scrubs will be back X January 6, 2009 9/8 C



20 10 2008


Sofia Boutella is a dancer, mainly hip-hop and street dance, known from Nike Women advertising.


6 10 2008

I Have been meaning to post this for a while, but have not found the time!

But I got to meet and see Ashanti the other night at Hennessy’s Artistry Event in Chicago! Hennessy has started a new promotion platform to promote there brand along with other artist in various cities. I just want yall to know that Hennessy truly put on a great classy event with a decked out theme!

Ashanti performed and put on a great show! She truly rocked the house and is abosultely beautiful in person !

Ashanti’s album, DECLARATION is in stores now !


5 10 2008

I Have been waiting for this to come out for the longest time!

Enjoy the trailer…Spanish only !!

Check out the films spanish website at Che El Argentino.

“Che’s great movie material, is really what it comes down to. He had one of the most fascinating lives that I can imagine in the last century. ”

— Director Steven Soderbergh


4 10 2008

Why do you support Barack Obama? After all, he’s politician, too.
On a practical level, we’re dealing with a lot of hard times and struggles. I see Barack Obama as a beacon of light because, more than anything, I see him promoting love. Of course he’s a politician, working within a system, but he’s been able to show us that we can’t be caught up with old prejudices or focus so much on negative things. I believe that this guy is gonna do right for us because he’s paying attention to middle-and-lower-class people, to-black and Latino, so-called minorities.

COMMON’s new album Universal Mind Control is in stores in November.


2 10 2008

Check out this new Cool Kids video for the GAP. GAP has launched a new ” VOTE for “campaign to inspire young adults to get out and vote.

GAP X Cool Kids

Shot out to my homie Howard for this one !